Friday, June 20, 2014

Emma's 4th Birthday Party!!

My sweet little niece Emma had her 4th Birthday!! and she had a Frozen Birthday Party!! Penny just loves her bff Emma!! They have gotten so close and I just love it! They play so good together! Emma is really just a little peacemaker! She is always looking out to help Penny! It's so sweet!
Penny had such a blast at Emma's Frozen Birthday Party! She keeps asking "is my best friend Emma  having another Frozen Party today?" It's so funny! I love that these 2 cuties are only a month a part! They will always be so close!!! We love you Emma Rose!!! We can't believe you are 4!!!

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Drew Watts said...

How cute is that!! I loved decoration of this Frozen Birthday Party. My daughter will turn five years old in next month. I am looking for a kid’s birthday event locations for organizing her birthday party. Could you please suggest a venue?