Friday, June 20, 2014

Penny's Big Performances!

Penny has been in a singing group all year long call The Singer's Company! She just recently had her last 2 performances for the year! She has Loved this singing class so much! She has made so many amazing cute friends and has had the very Best teacher Miss Brittany! Their theme for these performances was "A Night At The Movies!" Penny has Loved singing these fun songs and I have loved hearing here sing these fun songs every where we go! She just Loves to sing and dance and perform! She had a speaking part that introduced the Tarzan Movie Song "Wrecking Camp" and she had a Solo in the High School Musical Song "Together, Together!" She had memorized them and practiced them so good! She rocked out both!! We were proud parents in the audience for sure! :) Just Love my little performer!
This collage is from her 1st performance at the Assisted Living place! Her facial expressions and actions just crack me up!
Just look at her singing away! She was so into to it!!! I love it!!! Makes me Smile from ear to ear!! These pictures were from the song "Tomorrow" from the movie Annie! and what I love most is that I used to perform this song all the time when I was little! She just make me so proud! My little singer!
This collage is from her 2nd performance. She performed for her friends and family and boy did she put on the best little show for her friends and family!! I love it!! She has the Best Personality!!  
Thanks to all our amazing family that came to see Penny perform!! She loved seeing you out in the crowd! She keeps talking about who came and saw her perform! So sweet! So you totally made her feel so special! Love you all so much!
Here's Penny with the very best Teacher Miss Brittany!! We just love her! She is so patient with all the girls and teaches them so good!! Penny just has so much fun in her class! Penny can't wait till Singer's Company starts up again!!

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