Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Cashy is 10mons!!!

Can't believe our sweetest little boy Cashy is 10mons!!! The 2nd child does go by so fast!! I hate it!! I need my baby to stay a baby forever!!!!! He is on the move and he is fast now!!! He's crawling so good inch worm to get around!! He also can pull himself up to a stand to anything! He's taking little steps along the furniture! My favorite is when he goes from a crawl position to a sit position! It so dang cute! His little face! He's gets so excited! He's just the happiest little boy! He still has NO teeth! He's definitely following rt after his sister! But that doesn't stop him from eating! He's our little piggy! Still allergic to dairy, soy and corn but he loves to eat the foods that he can! and He pounds it! :) We just love this little boy so much!! He brings so much joy to our little family!! 

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lauren said...

love these pictures so sweet! he is so adorable!!