Monday, July 21, 2014

Birthday Fun!!!!

July is such a FUN Birthday month for us!!! Lots to Celebrate!! Chad's Birthday is the 12th and Penny's Birthday is the 21st! So Chad being the best daddy and such a great sport we always celebrate their Birthday's together! But let's face it it's always all about Penny!! This year we had Penny's Birthday party on  Chad's actual Birthday and all Penny wanted was a "Frozen" Birthday Party! So together they had a "Frozen" Birthday Party! But Chad had no reason to complain because he got to golf on Friday the day before his birthday and at 2 different golf courses on Saturday the day of his Birthday!! So he got to do exactly what he wanted to do for his special birthday!!
Oh little Penny we can't believe it's been 4yrs since you came into this crazy world making our lives a happier more exciting life to live in!! You bring us so much joy and excitement!! You have so much personality and sass!! You have always acted so much bigger than you are!! and You have always wanted to be older than you actually are turning!! We always say You are way to smart for your own good and way to big for your own britches! You definitely keep us on our toes!! We love every single thing about you!! You're our little performer! You love to sing, dance, and act!! So theatrical! You're our girly girl!! You love to dress up in mommy's highest heels and prance around!!  You love anything that has to do with any Princess!! You also love to learn! You love to make little notes and art pictures for you family and friends! You love to do play school, store, waitress, mommy, and dress up! You love you're little brother so much! You're so thoughtful and loving! You're mommy's best helper! We are so proud to be your parents!! We love you Penny!!! Happy 4th Birthday!!!
These two faces say it all!! We are so blessed to be their parents! How did we get to be so lucky! They both have the sweetest spirits! The unconditional love and bond between siblings is undeniable!! These two absolutely LOVE each other to the end!! Penny is just so sweet to her little brother! She's always watching him to make sure he doesn't get hurt! She's so protective of him! They just melt our hearts!!
Such a FUN birthday party!! So many family and friends came out to play!! This really made Chad and Penny feel so Special!! We had a big Swim BBQ up at my dad's! It's the BIG swim party of the Summer! My dad loves having people over!! Penny jumped off the diving board for the very first time!! She Loved it!! She's getting to BIG!! Jay, Ryan and Chad got into a cake fight that was hilarious!! They're crazy!! The Big kids (the adults) seem to have more fun than the little kids! haha! We of course had a "Frozen" Pinata and Penny wanted to put little toys in it along with the candy!! Such a great idea!! The kids loved it!! There were so many little kids that the Pinata didn't even last thru all the kids to hit! So next year we either need 2 Pinatas or we will have to start blind folding the big kids! They are getting to good and too strong!!!
Penny LOVED her "Frozen" Cake and Cupcakes!! This is when Chad was really a good sport because he didn't even have a cake!! I told him to get the cake with his name on it when we were ordering it because I knew that the Cupcakes were going to be for Penny and the kids! But he's truly the Best daddy! He wanted to make sure that it was the "Frozen" characters on the cake too! He knew it would make Penny so happy! and of course it did!! She LOVED it!!!!
Then it was Present time!!! She of course was so spoiled by everyone!! She's so easy to buy for because she Loves anything!! She truly loved everything she got! Thanks to all who made her feel so special!!  We love you all!!! Now it's time to start planning Cash's Birthday Party!! I can't believe he will be 1 in 3wks!! Where did that year go!!! WOW!!! Time flies when you're having FUN!!! Happy Birthday Chad and Penny!!!!!

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