Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Busy Boy!!

We just can't get enough of our Happy Busy boy!! Little Cash is another month older!! He's 11 mons old!! Oh my these months are going by so fast!! and Cash is on the move! He's gotten so fast at crawling and pulling himself up to stand against anything!! He's even gotten Brave enough to hold with one hand and move to the next object! He's even walking with a walker or pushes boxes or toys as he walks! So as long as he's holding on to something he will take those steps!! Cash has also found our stairs!!! He can go up them so good and thinks he is such a big boy!! He loves it! He squeals and squeals!! But as for coming down well we are still working on that one!! He has quite the little personality! He's definitely my sensitive little boy! When his feelings get hurt he will hang his head straight down and start crying in the saddest little cry! When he wants something badly and it gets taken away from him he will let you know with a loud scream! He's generally always my happy little boy! He's also my tease! When he's getting into something he shouldn't and we tell him "no no" he smiles at us, shakes his head no at is and then fakes towards what we just told him no too but doesn't do it again just fakes towards it! Such a tease! It's so funny!! He just cracks us up!! He just Loves his big sister!! He loves to be right wear she is at even when she doesn't want him in her toys! He just loves to be right in the middle of all the fun!! Penny can really get him to giggle and giggle! He loves talking to her too! They just love each other! It's so sweet! Penny is always looking out to make sure he's not getting into anything he shouldn't and making sure he is always safe! She mommy's best big helper!! I Just love being mommy to these precious babies!

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