Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!

Such a Fun 4th of July!! We got invited out to watch an Amazing Firework show put on by the Amazing Luke!! We enjoyed the night with great family and friends! Penny loved all the fireworks!! She loved holding the sparklers too!! Little Cash on the other hand.... This was his 1st experience with fire works and we were so close to them too and he wasn't so sure about them!! He would admire and stare at all the colors but as soon as he heard a boom, crackle, or pop he would crawl up my neck and snuggle in close and just start crying! Poor little guy!! But I sure didn't mind all the snuggles!!! What was supper funny was when we lit off the screamer fire works and Cash would started copying the screaming sound as the fire work would go off! He's just so dang sweet! Just Love these sweet kids!!! We had such a lovely 4th!!

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