Friday, November 21, 2014

Catch Me If You Can!!

 Catch me if you can is the name of the game for this 15mon boy!! Boy oh boy is he on the move now!! I knew that at any time he was just going to stand right up and take off running!! So yes he has mastered his walking skills... that he is now just a shuffling his feet so fast to a run!! He almost scares us sometimes because we forget he can move that fast and he's right there when you turn around!! There's even been a few times that Penny and I have jumped and screamed out because he was right there!! haha! He just thinks that's the funniest too!! Well along with mastering his walking skills he continues to climb!! This as I've mentioned before in a previous post I'm not used too!! Penny was not a climber!! So this is new to us!! and he especially likes to climb when he gets the chance to go out in the garage!! It's hard to find that little guy sometimes! haha! As these months go by his little personality continues to develop and boy has ha developed quite a Stubborn and very determined one!! If there's something he wants he will let you know! He does not like it when his Fun comes to an end when it's something he's not supposed to be playing with or be into!! He's so head strong that I can't even distract him to change his mind from it! Now Penny was stubborn at this age but I could easily change her mind with a little song or show her something new! haha! So this is going to be fun for me! haha! but on the flip side he's my happy boy! My little tease! Sometimes even a little Shy! Wait...what...we have a Shy child? Yep that's right! If he doesn't know you or hasn't seen you in a while he's definitely shy when seeing you!! He loves to be chased! He waits for you to come get him and then he takes off! haha! He loves his big sissy!! They play so cute together! They wrestle and roll around! They sing together! Oh they just melt my heart! He's been loving Balls...kicking and throwing is what he does over and over smiling and laughing!! He loves books too!! He loves carrying them around, opening and closing them, flipping through the pages acting like he's reading! It's so dang cute! He loves when you read to him...especially when Penny reads to him!! He will just sit still and listen to her!!! The Sweetest!! Penny is so good to him! Truly the best big sister!! But I think hands down Cash's favorite thing right now is his Daddy!!! If he hears or sees daddy it's all over!! He only wants his daddy! It so sweet!! Now of course Daddy is just eating this up and I'm loving it too because mommy gets a little break! haha! He's talking more and somebody got 2 more teeth!! His top 2 front teeth are just breaking through now!! It's just the best to watch him eat using his new little teeth!! He's still mommy's little piggy! He loves to eat! He won't turn anything down! haha! He sure does love his blankey!! He snuggles it, sniffs it, and drags it around everywhere! It just melts my heart!! It just so sweet how much he loves his blankey!! It's been such a busy month with such a busy boy! He has learned so much! Can't wait to see what he will doing the next month!! Getting to big!! Our cheeks hurt from Smiling so BIG!! You make us so Happy little Cashy!!! We sure love you!!

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