Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween at the Sand Dunes!

Yes it's that time of year again and the Sand Dune season has officially started!! This was the first time we have gone out for Halloween!! Wow what an experience this is!! There were a ton of people out there! It was a little windy for my liking but the temp was good!! So we enjoyed celebrating everything Halloween all weekend long! We carved pumpkins!
The boys became the "Headless Four wheelers!" Instead of the "Headless Horseman!" lol! Oh my that was hilarious!! Instead of carving their pumpkins to sit in the sand with a candle they wanted to wear their Pumpkins like Helmets! haha! They rode around from camp to camp and people would just stop and stare! It was quite a sight to see! hahaha! Soooo Funny!!!
Once the sun set it was time to get into our Costumes and go Trick or Treating from camp to camp!! WOW! and let me just tell you these people out there go all out!! They decorate more out at the dunes than I would even at my house! It was Awesome!! They made Haunted house, mazes, fog, scary masks, you name it it was out there and it was scary! haha!! Penny half the time didn't want to get out of the truck to go get her candy it was so scary!! haha! What an adventure!!
and of course tons of riding!! This was Cash's 1st experience riding with daddy and he LOVED it!! He did not want to get off! He cried and cried! He just wanted to ride with his daddy all day long! So sweet!!  

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