Friday, December 19, 2014

Our Cashy Boy!!

Another month down! Our little Cash is 16mons old! Oh Boy is on the move! Super fast now!! He's rough and tough! All boy! Loves to wrestle, jump, fall, roll and whatever little wild boys do! haha! He's just the best! Always smiling, laughing and teasing while at it! He Loves cars, trucks, balls, and pretty much what ever Penny is doing! He just loves getting right up in her business! and I have to say she's pretty dang sweet for not pushing, whining and fighting him away! Penny is just the best with him!! He absolutely loves her! He follows her every move! It's really quite crazy how fast they pick up on learning something new from somebody else!! He's still getting in those top 2 front teeth! haha He's still pounding the food! He knows when food is around!! Penny always says "mom Cash has sniffed it out again...he's coming for that food!" haha! She's the best! and it' so true!! He's saying more words and tons of animals sounds! He claps for himself when he says a new word or sound! It's just the best!! He also claps when I'm doing reading a book to him or Penny! He loves Books! He also loves when I start to sing or when Penny sings he will start turning in a circle while trying to sing/hum along with you! He Loves Music!! Little Cash has especially enjoyed this time of year!! He Loves the Christmas lights and the big blow up Santa's, Snowmen ect. out in people's yards!!  He starts a pointing and "ooooing and aughing! My favorite is when he spots a Santa (it can be up kind outside) he will point and say over and over "ho-ho-ho!" Oh my it's so dang cute!! We just can't get enough over here of our Sweet Cashy boy!! He's truly the best!! We love you the most big boy!!

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