Friday, December 19, 2014

Our Little Performer!!!

Our little Performer was such a Star up on stage as she sang and danced her little Heart out at her Singer's Company Christmas Performance!! Penny....the stage Loves you and so did the Crowd!! You were a hit up there! Just a singing and a moving and a shaking! Someone else that was extremely proud of her was Cashy!! As soon as the music would start he would start clapping and a dancing just a smiling and a staring at big sissy up on stage!! and when the song was over he would look back at me and point up on stage to Penny!! Oh he's just the sweetest! He was so proud of her!! He did this on every song!
Penny is just the best!! When she hits that stage my girl comes to perform! haha! She truly will entertain you!! She sang a solo to the song "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!" and she did amazing!! She also got to introduce another song!! So she had 2 very important tasks and she nailed both!! My star!!! 
She had lots of family that came out to support her!! She was so excited to see them out in the crowd!! That's probably why she put on more of show!! haha We were all so Proud of her up there!! Thanks to all that came! You truly made her feel so special! We love you all and of course we Love our Big Star Performer!! Keep up the great work!! We can't to see you up on stage again!! Love you Penny!!!

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lauren said...

Love her!! I need to get maddie in that!!!