Thursday, December 18, 2014

Our New Braces Dr....Dr. Ence!

My big sis has done it!!!! She graduated from Orthodontic School!!! She is officially Dr. Ence of Braces!! What an accomplishment! We are all extremely proud of her!! She has always been so driven and focused and by far the smartest one out of all of us!!! :) So we had a fun little adventure for her graduation!! It was just dad, Ryan, Eryka and myself that flew back to Oklahoma for her very special honorary ceremony! Just us kids with good ole dad!! Such a blast!!! We laughed, talked, cried and just completely enjoyed ourselves the whole time! Janeen met us there she had driven from Kentucky so that her and my dad could drive back home with some of Eryn's things!! She's all done in Oklahoma!! She's moving back on home and joining the Ortho Office that I work at!! Griffiths and Simister Orthodontics!! She starts Jan 5, 2015! Braces! Braces! Braces! I can't wait to assist her!!! We are going to have a blast working together chair side!!!
The top 2 collages are from her graduation ceremony! There were 4 to graduate and she was the only girl!! So proud!! So many amazing things were said about her! Her friends in Oklahoma are truly going to miss her!! She is such an amazing person inside and out!! Dr. Ence you're kind of a big deal!!
The next morning we went to breakfast then my dad and Janeen got on their rode to drive back to Vegas! We headed to Dallas, Texas!! We went and saw the Dallas Cowboys Stadium! My honz's favorite team!! So he was a bit jealous that he wasn't with us!! We wanted to go to the six flag magic mountain across the street but they were closed! We were so bummed!! But we got over it pretty quick as we ate a great lunch then headed to see my brother's best friend Ken and his family!! Ken was pretty much my other older brother growing up!! None of us had seen him or his sweet family for many years!! It was awesome seeing them!! We picked right up like no time was lost!! We got to play with their beautiful kids and Kim cooked a delicious dinner and an Amazing desert!! She spoiled us!! The whole trip was so wonderful from start to finish!! We are so excited that Dr. Ence will be back at home to stay!! I can't say it enough that I'm so proud of my big sis!! She truly is such an example in my life!! She will be the Best most Amazing Orthodontist ever!! She is a perfectionist!!! Perfect Straight Teeth at their finest!!! I love you sis!!! and You're kind of a BIG deal!!! :)

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lauren said...

Eryn looks beautiful!! She will be the best dr!!! So proud!! What a fun trip!! So glad you got to go back there!!