Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our 18mon BIG Boy!!!

 Oh man does little boy think he's as big as his big sis!! Our Cashy has turned 18mons and he is as stubborn, feisty, nasty, wild, silly, and busy as can be!! haha! He wants to do everything all by himself and he gets into everything!! He loves eating and still only has 4 teeth! 2 on top and 2 on bottom! He loves balls, cars, race tracks, tractors, books, binky, blanky, pens, coloring, playing outside, in the garage in daddy's tools, and wrestling with his big sis!! He really tackles her down! It's so funny!! He has been saying so many more words this last month as well! He says: papa, go, please, yah, hat, cheese,  moooe for more and  nauna for my Tauna's name! He loves to "growl" and he's got a dang good growl sound too!! It will surprise you when you here it come out of him! haha!  He loves to "go" so if you say to him "you ready to go?" or "let's go" he runs and gets his shoes and brings them to you to put on! And then he will go and get Penny's shoes and take them to her and bring mine to me and Daddy's to him!! He's just the sweetest! He keeps us going for sure and wouldn't have him any other way!! Such a stinker and a tease!! Oh how we LOVE him so much!!

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