Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Cutest Little Valentine's!!

Our little Happy Valentine's!!! Oh my these little Valentine's just melt my heart!! They truly are the best!! They just Love each other so much!! Penny is so amazing to her little brother!! The Best big sister!! Cash really tends to be more of the nasty one at her at times and she just takes it!! Doesn't fight back or nothing! So sweet!!
Both Penny and Cash were so excited when Cupid left surprises around the house for them to find!! Penny Loved having a "real" Valentine's Party at School! She's so funny!! She came home with so many cute Valentine's from all her friends and teacher! Then a surprise package was at our front door addressed to Penny!! This box was full of the cutest little Valentine surprises and it was from a Secret know who you are...We love you very much!! Thank you for making little Penny's day!! I even got a dozen red roses and lilies delivered to my office from my Valentine! Then came home to a new purse!! I got so spoiled this year! Sure love my Cupid and little Valentine's so much!! We had such a great Valentine's!!!

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lauren said...

they are the cutest! love them!!